3 spooky Asian dramas that will excite and thrill

Grab your popcorn and dim the lights – spooky season is officially here! Us at dimsum are excitedly compiling shows that’ll give us a good scare, among other things. This week, we’ll be discussing three spine-chilling Asian dramas that are perfect for October. 

1. The Fearless 

Asian girl with glasses and a brown double-breasted coat with an Asian man with a grey tee and a dark shirt.
The Fearless

In some stories, death is only the beginning. Gangster member Gao Zhi Hai died but gets a second chance at life – literally. He can see and communicate with spirits, leading them to ask him for help in solving their cold cases. 

Asian man slumped exhausted on a coat in a messy, dimly lit room.
The Fearless

Zhi Hai eventually takes on the role as an amateur detective for the dead as he helps his clients find closure from the afterlife. 

2. The Past Life

Collage of Thai men and women dressed in a range of casual to formal attire, against a dark background.
The Past Life

This series is set in modern day Thailand, and back in the reign of King Rama IV. 

Prince Rangsitorn and Mankaew are deeply in love, but she was murdered by Princess Ying the day before their wedding. Heartbroken by her death, Rangsitorn dies of a broken heart. Much later, Mankaew and Rangsitorn are reborn as different people. Will they finally get their happy ending?

3. House of Spirits

A group of Chinese people assembled together with terrified expressions.
House of Spirits

Foon and his siblings begrudgingly agreed to live together in the family home to fulfill their dead father’s wishes before selling the place. This is a true test for the family, whose relationships has soured after years of not speaking to each other.

A Chinese man with garlic around his near holds up a cross in front of an older Chinese man, before an older Chinese lady.
House of Spirits

As Foon deals with his siblings’ quirky habits and lifestyles, he realised that there are some inhabitants in the house that has never left…

Let us know which of these shows you’ll be checking out! If you prefer something without the spooky element, our Asian drama recap of 2019 might have something for you!

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