3 Taiwanese dramas you should look out for

From good looking casts to engaging romances, Taiwanese drama series are always fun to watch alone, or with friends! We got some picks that’ll help you get started – all available to stream online on our app, of course.

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1. Hello Again!

From friends to lovers, this rom-com focuses on Chang Ke Ai and Yang Zhi Hao. It was agreed that if they got into the same university, she’ll carry his bag for the entire year. However, she had to give up her university dreams to pay off a family debt. 10 years later, they’re working on the same street, but will they remember their promise when they meet?

2. Iron Ladies

This female-driven show follows 3 working women in their 30s. They lead successful lives at work while trying to find their own personal happiness. It’s a Sex And The City-inspired tale that covers romance, office shenanigans, and independent girls that you’ll definitely root for!

3. Brave To Love

Cheng Mei, Gua Ju, Qu Shou, Xing Hua, and Song Gang share a close-knit bond. As they enter the working force, how will they overcome ongoing challenges at work, while maintaining their friendship?

Which of these Taiwanese drama series are you planning to watch first? Comment below, or check out our full selection on dimsum, and start streaming your favourites online today.

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