5 Exciting Asian dramas to watch in 2019

As we approach the mid-point of 2019, it’s time to update our new year resolutions – and our never-ending list of Asian drama series! There’s plenty of trending titles to get excited over, but if you’re looking for some good romantic picks, here are some fresh TV dramas that you can watch online at dimsum.

1. Princess Silver

Chinese girl in the arms of a Chinese boy against the backdrop of a city.
Rong Le (Sophie Zhang) and Wu You (Aarif Rahman)

A centrestage of gorgeous period costumes and wuxia (martial arts), Princess Silver focuses on Rong Le, the female protagonist with no recollection of herself and her past. When an arranged marriage proposal goes awry, Rong Le takes destiny into her own hands, and opens a teahouse. Along the way, she uncovers details about her past, her future, and even finds true love.

2. Thong Ek

A shocked boy and a bemused girl against a green wall.
Thong Ek (Mario Maurer) and Chaba (Kimberley Anne Woltemas)

Thong Ek is a light-hearted rom-com that takes us into the world of traditional Thai medicine. Set in the reign of Rama 5 (Chulalongkorn), Thong Ek is studying to become a traditional doctor under his grandfather, Thong In. One day, Thong In takes in another pupil – Chaba, a fearless, spunky girl. Cue the tension, a budding romance, and a story that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

3. Love At First Sight

A young Chinese girl and a Chinese boy laying down on the grass.
Qiao Yi (Janice Wu) and Yan Mo (Zhao Zhi Wei)

Two friends, Zhao Qiao Yi and Yan Mo made a promise to pursue their studies abroad together, but family issues came in the way and Qiao Yi stayed behind. They meet again 4 years later, and Qiao Yi moves to the city to rekindle her relationship with Yan Mo. Follow their story as they overcome life’s challenges, and trying to make it work as a couple.

4. Zhao Yao

A collage of a long haired woman in red, a woman in purple, and a man in black and a man in red.
Jiang Wu (Dai Xu), Lu Zhao Yao (Bai Lu), Chen Lan (Xu Kai),
Qin Zhi Yan (Shane)

A dramatic fantasy tale laced with love and betrayal, Zhao Yao covers all of that, topped off with a strong female lead. The titular character was betrayed during an important quest and vowing revenge, she suspects the involvement of Chen Lan, her closest confidant. Taking over the body of another disciple, Zhao Yao devises a plot to kill him.

5. Brave To Love

A group of 5 Asian people against a pink background.
Ou Yang Gua Ju (Zhang Ting Hu), Yuan Cheng Mei (Gingle Wang),
Qu Shou Zhi (Edison Song), Ji Xing Hua (Sylvia Hsieh), Zhao Song Gang | Shen Kang Ze (Andy Wu)

Based on the manga “Love White Paper” by Fumi Saimon, Brave To Love focuses on five friends in university, and the love triangle between them. Reuniting again five years later, they try to overcome obstacles around love, career, and friendships, while also highlighting social issues that easily resonate with viewers of all ages.

To watch and download these Asian drama series and more for free, browse through dimsum’s huge selection on your computer or via the app. Or, if you’ve since binged through one or more of these shows, share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our social media!

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