5 Exciting Series To Add To Your #bukapuasa Watch List This Month

We are now in the fourth phase of the MCO, which really feels like a strange version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Ramadan is also starting up, us folks at dimsum entertainment are sharing some of our fresh picks for May that you can watch as you break fast from home.

Stay strong guys, we are almost there!

1. The World of the Married

A woman dressed in nightwear is posed seductively against the window, as a man in a suit caresses her hand and leg.
The World of the Married

Marriage isn’t always a bed of roses, and in The World of the Married, we get a glimpse into a relationship that will test the characters of both parties. 

Ji Sun-Woo, an accomplished family doctor has what most would consider a happy, blessed marriage. Her husband Lee Tae-Oh runs a successful entertainment business, and they have a son together. However, things are not as they seem..

The World of the Married

Trivia: This Korean drama is based on a British miniseries from BBC One, called Doctor Foster. The female lead Gemma Foster realises that her husband has been having an affair and as she continues to investigate, her life begins to unravel. The BBC drama is loosely inspired by the Greek myth of Medea, a woman scorned by her husband. 

2. An Incurable Case of Love 

A woman looks on hopefully as a taller man in a doctor's coat presses a stethoscope to her forehead.

We would never say no to a saccharine rom-com, especially during the MCO! 

High school student Nanase Sakura saw Doctor Tendo saving a patient, and she has been crushing hard on him since. This leads to her studying to become a nurse, just to see him again. When she finally gets her wish, she finds out that Tendo is mean-spirited and is nicknamed ‘the Devil’ by coworkers. Yet, Sakura perseveres with her feelings and kindness, which eventually melts the good doctor’s heart. 

Trivia: Incurable Love is based on a manga title of the same name, released in 2016. The lead actor Takeru Satoh is a rising star in Japan, with renowned movies like Kamen Rider Den-O and Rurouni Kenshin under his belt. And if you recognise the voice of actress Mone Kamishiraishi, you might remember her from the hit anime film “Your Name”! 

3. Heaven? My Restaurant, My Life

A woman in a red blazer holds a wine glass with five men inside. The background is French-inspired with white, blue and red stripes.

If you’re in the mood for another series with a hint of comedic relief and important life lessons, chew on this Japanese drama! 

A mysterious French restaurant named “Loin d’ici” is run by an eccentric owner within a cemetery. She has no interest in growing the business at all; as a result, she has a team of quirky and unusual workers. Yet somehow, they rally around their boss and manage to overturn the odds!

Trivia: This series got its origins from a manga series of the same name that ran from 1999 to 2003. Satomi Ishihara, who plays the mysterious restaurant owner, is known for her performance in the series Unnatural. She is also a style icon in Japan, so look out for her chic fashion choices on the show! 

4. The Crown Princess

A collage of a royal family of two women and two men, dressed in light natural tones.

A lakorn with a twist – we are getting Princess Diaries vibes from this series! 

Threatened by power-hungry individuals, Princess Alice from the fictional country Hrysos is sent to Thailand. A dashing Naval officer is assigned to protect her. We are already feeling the electricity between these two gorgeous protagonists… 

Trivia: This drama is a real award heavyweight, with a string of accolades to its name. Its two leads, Nadech Kugimiya and Urassaya Sperbund have previously starred together in Game Rai Game Rak. The Crown Princess has received viral attention on social media and popular streaming sites in China, gaining recognition from fans in Russia and even Arab countries!

5. One Year 

A group photo of a large family of girls and one boy, with the parents right in front.

Mook have been living life as a single mom with her 5 daughters for about 10 years. She falls for Tum, a widower with 2 children of his own. They were incredibly happy together, leading to Tum to proposing to Mook. She is hesitant to accept it as she is unsure of how her daughters will accept this news. 

Mook’s eldest daughter Petch, is sceptical as she doesn’t want to see her mother suffer another heartbreak. However, Tum’s son Boom, wishes for his father to find happiness again after his mother’s death. Mook and Tum decide to live together for a year to test the waters and see how both families cope. From adjusting to new faces, handling differences and relationships as a unit, will Mook and Tum’s relationship survive this experience? This is a perfect show to sample during the MCO – we daresay that you might find some similarities to relate to when it comes to living together with family for a prolonged period of time! 

Trivia: This series is done in collaboration with creators of the drama ‘Hormones: The Series’ and popular girl group BNK48. The actors on the project are also incredibly popular on social media, further fuelling fans’ attention and interest towards watching this show!

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