Chew on this new drama: Behind The Mask

A girl with brown hair in a red dress, with a man in a grey and white suit, alongside a bespectacled woman with her hair in a bun.
Behind The Mask

We are currently in our first few days of staying home during the movement control order due to COVID-19, but look on the bright side – you’ll never be out of dramas to watch! Today, we take a closer look at this exciting Thai series called Behind The Mask, that has gotten nothing but positive reviews from fans since it premiered.

Read on to see what we mean!

What is it about

A man in a grey and black suit is gripping the arm of a female patient in a light blue hospital gown.
Behind The Mask

Nudda and Lookkaew are two girls who have never met, but their paths finally crossed with a serious car accident.

Lookkaew passes away from her injuries, but Dada survives. Desperate to see her daughter again, Lookkaew’s mother asked the doctor to perform cosmetic surgery on Dada so that she will resemble Lookkaew.

An Asian man in a grey suit is smiling alongside an Asian woman in a sequin off-white dress.
Behind The Mask

Dada finally wakes up with amnesia and realises that there were a lot of things that ‘she’ went through before the accident. One of them includes her fiance, who is upset that she cheated on him. As she continues to adjust to her new life, some people are starting to uncover the truth…

Who is in it 

Film Thanapat Kawila 

Thanapat Kawila was previously a flight attendant before he transitioned to acting! His breakout role was in the series Mia (2018), before reprising his character in Aruna (2019).

Aniporn Chalermburanawong

Aniporn Chalermburanawong started as a model and has gone on to win Miss Universe Thailand in 2015. She got her acting break in 2016, appearing in Club Friday The Series Season 8: True Love… or Bond.

Hongmanop Phutanate

Hongmanop Phutanate is no stranger to the silver screen – the 43-year-old has been active since 1993, and has appeared in movies, musicals and series! He has also appeared in Club Friday, alongside Aniporn.

Piyathida Mittiraroch

This bubbly actress-model-host is also known as Pock. When she isn’t busy with popular dramas and movies, Piyathida is also the current host of MasterChef Thailand

Why you should watch it

The reviews say it all: viewers love this Thai drama! We can’t go through every single post on the internet, so we are just going to highlight a few key points that most fans can agree!

A heavy, exciting plot 

An older Asian man in a dark blue suit is looking worried next to a younger man in a grey suit who is holding a phone.
Behind The Mask

Behind The Mask tackles a pretty heavy storyline, but it also manages to address several smaller arcs around the supporting characters. If you’re looking for a series that ties up all loose ends nicely, you won’t be disappointed! 

Great acting by the main cast 

Two Asian women in pale taupe outfits are smiling at each other while a bespectacled man in grey looks on.
Behind The Mask

It’s clear to see when a show has an amazing group of actors, and it shows. We would like to give a special mention to Aniporn, who had extra responsibility to juggle two characters for the duration of the series. To embody two characters is no easy feat!

And that’s our in-depth look on this series! It’s currently available to stream on dimsum entertainment in full, so if you’re intrigued for some good ol’ suspense during the MCO, check out Behind The Mask today.

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