Close out the year with these top 7 Thai dramas of 2019

Did anyone notice how quickly 2019 passed through? dimsum had an incredible year of new releases and cool events. But, before we set our sights on 2020, let’s take a look at 7 Thai dramas that viewers love in 2019.

Read on to find if your favourites made the list!

1. Love Destiny

A collage of Thai men and women in traditional wear against a dark plum background.

If you loved Freaky Friday, you’ll absolutely dig this series! Ketsurang, a shy archaeologist switches bodies with a noblewoman, Karaket from the Ayutthaya era 300 years ago. 

Karaket lost her life in the accident, leading to Ketsurang assuming her place and identity in society. Ketsurang realizes that Karaket is not liked by everyone, including her fiance. As she wins everyone over with her kindness, she slowly uncovers the truth behind Karaket’s death. This unique take on time-traveling is a great way to learn more about Thai history and tradition, making for perfect tv material!

2. My Ambulance

My Ambulance

This adorable rom-com debuted in 2019 to a huge fan base and a viral dance move, and the hype is not slowing down! 

Tantawan survived a nasty fall 15 years ago with a magical ability to summon her lover to wherever she is. This often inconveniences her boyfriend Peng, who works as a surgeon. One day, she got into another accident and her powers ‘shifted’ to Peng’s colleague, Chalan. Heartthrobs and a complex love triangle? Sign us up! 

3. Thong Ek

A shocked Thai man jumping into the arms of a disgruntled Thai woman.
Thong Ek

We talked about Thong Ek previously and it’s no surprise that this popular Thai lakorn made the top 5 list of 2019. 

This light-hearted drama series follows Thong Ek, who aspires to become a herbal master just like his grandfather Thong In. Framed for a death that he wasn’t responsible for, Thong In disapproves of his grandson’s choice. Together with another student, Chaba, Thong Ek aims to overcome all challenges to become a skilled doctor.

4. Man of Vengeance

Man of Vengeance 2019

Among the many rom coms that released this year, Man of Vengeance was definitely one of the grittier tales that kept us glued to our seats. 

Eager to escape the abuse of his stepfamily, Tor befriended his next-door neighbor, Mingta. Things escalated one night when he jumped into a river to run away and was presumed dead. Tor survives and returns under a new identity to seek revenge – but his old friend Mingta, resurfaces too…

5. Boy For Rent

Two Thai girls and two Thai boys in modern clothing against a dark blue backdrop.
Boy For Rent

One of the quirkiest romance series we saw this year was Boy For Rent – and yes, it’s exactly as the title suggests!

When Smile was rejected by boyfriend Kyro, she hires a boy named Badz to teach her all about love and relationships. She ended up falling for Badz but he already has a girlfriend, Liz. As everything unfolds, Liz suspects that Badz hasn’t been faithful, and hires Kyro to get back at him.

Are you all caught up? If this floats your boat, add this to your list for a fun weekend!

6. The Sand Princess

A Thai girl seated on a pink armchair, wearing a crown is backed by two men in black and white.
The Sand Princess

This fresh new drama has a Cinderella-like beginning, but the story is far from a fairytale. 

College student Kot lives a frugal life in the city as she completes her education. A wealthy heir named Ji offers her a ‘beneficial relationship’ where she would be paid to help him with errands. Kot takes it all in stride until she is faced with a most unexpected challenge – looking after a baby. 

There’s a reason why this show is called The Sand Princess, but we’re holding back on spilling the beans so you’ll just have to tune in to find out! 

7. Aruna 2019

Three Thai women with dark long hair, dressed in dark and light clothing, with a young girl in the front.
Aruna 2019

Fans of Mia 2018 would be interested to know how Aruna’s life continues after her husband’s affair. And with Aruna 2019, we finally get our answers. 

Fresh from her divorce, Aruna tries to move on with the help and support of her two close friends. Her career is starting to take off, and she’s taking it slow with her new boyfriend. However, her life reaches a new crossroads when her boyfriend asks her to move abroad with him.

What will Aruna choose? 

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