Fashion envy: 3 breathtaking Asian dramas to swoon over

Anyone who is immediately drawn to a drama just by its costume design, raise your hands. If you’re guilty of this, worry not – there’s so many of us out there who can relate to this! dimsum entertainment has got just the right amount of eye candy that will satisfy your cravings for May. 

If this hits your sweet spot, scroll down to read more!

1. Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre

Pale blue montage of Chinese characters dressed in traditional Chinese costumes.
Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre

We start off the list with a really epic adventure – 50 episodes in total, so strap yourselves in! 

A Chinese woman with long hair is dressed in black and grey, with a red sash.
Dark colours with a chic contrast of red – need we say more? Also, we daresay the long nails add to this femme fatale look!

Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre is the last chapter in the Legend of the Condor Heroes saga. Set in the late-Yuan dynasty in China, warriors vie for power and domination by searching for the legendary Dragon Sabre. Zhang Wuji is an orphan whose fate is perpetually linked to the legendary sword. As the power struggle heats up, he is forced to defend himself and the people that he loves.

A Chinese woman looks at a Chinese man, both wearing light beige colours.
We don’t usually see characters opt for a neutral getup, but when they do, it always entails a long journey, or someplace sandy.
A Chinese man in red helps out a wounded woman in black and gold.
Red always draws the eye effectively, perfect for making a bold impression!

2. Love is All

A Chinese man touches the earring of a woman.
Love is All

It’s really easy to make a pun here, but love is really all you need.

A man dressed in ornate purple robes is holding a fan, next to a woman in purple and light blue robes.
Purple is an assertive colour that exudes creativity and originality. We think it lends a very regal and complementary feel to the baby blue accents here!

Tang Ling is a daughter from a wealthy family who finds her path crossing with the county magistrate, Tang Tian. It just happens that Tang Tian is the bachelor in town; he isn’t just handsome but hails from a respectable family too! 

The costume details in Love Is All are an absolute delight! We love the intricate embroidery that’s often paired with soft pastel fabric for a romantic, dreamy look.

Tang Ling and Tang Tian got off to a rough start, but they eventually decide to join forces to solve a case and bring the culprits to justice. It’s a friends-to-lovers storyline that will have you hooked the entire way!

3. Ancient Detective

A cold blue poster of two men and two women dressed in traditional Chinese clothing.
Ancient Detective

Crime-solving set in ancient times hits a sweet spot for us – after all, who doesn’t want to follow some good ol’ sleuthing set against traditional architecture and costumes!

A Chinese man looks regal in a white fur stole and green and white robes.
Sherlock has his scarf, Buzhi has his [hopefully faux] fur stole.
A woman in red robes looks sternly on next to a man in brown, fur-lined clothes.
Red = a woman that means business! Also, the feather detailing on the shoulders are giving us Sansa Stark vibes.

Jian Buzhi is a detective with a mission – to track down the killer responsible for his father’s death. The only snag is that he suffers from amnesia. Along the way, he meets all kinds of people, finding a good friend and even a love interest as they get closer to the truth. 

A woman lights a candle on the table while a man across from her looks on.
A romantic discussion by candlelight calls for soft pastel blues and warmer brown tones.
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