In the mood for love? These Thai dramas will have your heart racing

We all had our fair share of young adult dramas back in our time – Boys Over Flowers, anyone? Well if you’re still hankering for a good Thai romantic drama series, dimsum has got you covered here too! We dare say that this is totally our speciality, so TV junkies take note – our huge library of content awaits!

1. I Hate You, I Love You

Three Asian men of Thai descent in dark outfits and two Asian women in white and red against a black backdrop.
I Hate You, I Love You

This drama series has a Gossip Girl influence – I Hate You, I Love You tells the story about 5 people and the different lives they lead. Follow them as they start friendships, tear down relationships, fall in love and above all, nurse back their broken hearts. 

Four Asian women of Thai descent with dark brown hair and red lipstick posing for a photo.
I Hate You, I Love You

How will they make it through this bumpy period? That’s a secret we’ll never tell – you just have to watch to find out. XOXO! 

2. Friend Zone

A group of Asian young adults of Thai descent against a red backdrop.
Friend Zone

If you thought our first recommendation is a messy one, you might want to strap yourselves in for Friend Zone. 

Boyo’s boyfriend decided to call it quits with her, just as she had to kick out her now ex-housemate, Stud. Meanwhile Boyo’s friends Amm and Cable move in together in preparation for the future, but Cable is ready to take the plunge. This causes a rift and eventually broke the couple apart. 

As things continue to unfold, Stud moves in with a couple and watches as their lives develop based on the choices they make.

3. Love Beyond Frontier

An Asian boy and girl of Thai descent against a blue sky, with purple and fuchsia graphics.
Love Beyond Frontier

Eager to rekindle his relationship with his mother, Wang made the trip from Hong Kong to Thailand to search for her. At the airport, he bumps into two strangers, Win and Ple and accidentally swapped luggage with Ple.

When he arrives at his mother’s house, he realised the property is now owned by someone else. Later on, Wang, Win and Ple would end up moving into the same building together, and that’s when their story will truly begin.

4. Boy For Rent

Two Asian men and women of Thai descent against a dark blue background.
Boy For Rent

This story is rather unusual, but hear us out! Boy For Rent is about building trust and finding true love in the modern world today.

Smile confesses her love to Kyro, but he turns her down saying that he doesn’t fancy ‘childish girls’. Undaunted, she hires a ‘rentable boyfriend’ named Badz, and asked him to teach her all about love. She finds herself falling for Badz, but he too, rejects her advances as he already has a girlfriend, Liz. 

Meanwhile, Liz begins to suspect that Badz is unfaithful, and she too decides to hire a boy… Kyro!

Did any of these shows catch your attention? You can start adding these titles to your watch list on dimsum – if you’ve a particular moment that you can’t wait to share, we can’t wait to hear all about it!

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