Is it love, actually? Watch In Time With You to find out

How’s everyone holding up at home? We have something extra (or romantic, we daresay) for you to weather this proverbial storm. In Time With You has all the hallmarks of a great ‘will they, won’t they’ rom-com, and if you’ve not watched this Thai drama yet, you got to get on this, stat!  

What it’s about

An Asian girl and Asian man with glasses in identical clothing are walking down a quiet road together.
In Time With You

Pim and Thanapon have been good friends for a long time, and both of them want the best for the other. When Pim turns 30, she begins to feel the societal pressure to settle down with a partner. However, she has been incredibly unlucky in love, pursuing men that are either terrible or just not interested in her advances! 

Her friends all believe that Thanapon, who has always been there for her, is her best match. But she continues to stubbornly hold on to the idea that they should stay friends instead. Will this duo eventually shift from BFFs, to happily ever after? Find out if their story will transcend the test of time!

Who’s in it

Saengchaipiangpen “Mo” Monchanok as Pim
A brunette Asian girl with shoulder length hair is smiling as the sunlight hits her face.
In Time With You

Mo got her big break in an unconventional manner when she followed her friend to an audition. A talent scout snapped her photo, and from there she went on to star in a TV commercial and small roles on other lakorns. She enjoys cooking in her spare time and hopes to pursue a culinary career in future.

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“Pae” Amornsupasiri Arak
An Asian man with side parted hair and a dark navy suit is smiling slightly.
In Time With You

Pae is an accomplished actor and musician – he started off as a guitarist in the indie band Slur. Today, he has since added TV host, model and presenter to his resume!

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It’s a remake that transcends time

In Time With You has been successfully adapted into various adaptations since it’s original Taiwanese series – which we think is incredible, considering how fast trends and stories come and go in the industry!

If you’re curious to see the many versions of In Time With You, this video below is a treat to watch:

Video credit: Ulli Chun

Did you enjoy our deep-dive this week? We hope we have given you a bit more ideas on what to watch next during this period, in the meantime stay strong and stay home everyone! As Queen Elizabeth II said herself: “We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return.”

Until then, we will be back with another post soon!

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