June newbies: Here’s what’s fresh this month!

We have completely lost track of time during quarantine, but one thing’s for sure – June is now upon us! Here’s hoping that everyone is still practising social distancing and good hygiene, especially if you’re heading back to work.

So naturally, we have gone ahead and prepared a list of new shows for you to take note of. Scroll down to see what we have in store for you! 

New romance dramas to obsess over

1. My Husband In Law

A woman in a bridal gown looks across at a man in a tuxedo suit. There is a ring in between them.
My Husband In Law

Love, but not really? We dive into the complicated relationships in this fresh Thai drama!

Meet Muey, a girl living with her single mom. Enter Thien, the son of her mother’s friend. Muey is absolutely smitten with Thien, yet despite them spending a lot of time together, Thien regards her as just a good friend or sister. Talk about being cast into the friendzone, hard. Things heat up when Muey and Thien are both forced to marry as part of a bigger plan. Will their friendship (or more) survive this marriage? Can Muey change Thien’s mind from platonic friendship to holy matrimony?

2. My Himalayan Embrace

Group of Asian characters in neutral and coloured clothing against a mountain backdrop.

Are you ready for a love triangle story where the slow and steady suitor wins the race? 

Dashing Indian billionaire Santhakarat is on the run from a mafia group in the Himalayas, and decided to seek refuge in Chiang Mai. He meets Danica, a restaurant owner and is determined to win her heart, yet Danica only has eyes for Kiri, a waiter working at her establishment. As Kiri works hard to transform his life and earn the love of Danica, his complicated relationship with his alcoholic mother and his estranged father is brought into the light…

3. The Twin Flower Legend

Sepia-toned backdrop of five Chinese period characters in gold and royal costumes.
The Twin Flower Legend

This stunning tale focuses on twin sisters Hua Mujin and Hua Jinxiu. Born in a time of chaos and unrest, the sisters were sold to the wealthy Yuan family as slaves. Forcibly thrust out into the world with other less fortunate children, the Hua sisters will have to rely on their wit and perseverance to survive the toughest of times, whether it be through sisterhood, friendships and love. 

4. Queen of No Marriage

A woman stands next to a roadside cafe while a man working in the cafe looks on in the opposite direction.
Queen of No Marriage

Shan Wu Shuang is a 33-year-old career woman who is currently enjoying success as the editor of a popular magazine. She has terrible luck with relationships – her previous one fell apart over a misunderstanding, but she isn’t in a hurry to settle down! 

Things are about to change when she meets Lucas, a 25-year-old part-time assistant at the magazine. Lucas was a pre-med student until the death of his then-girlfriend led him to failing and dropping out of school.

Will their age difference come between them, or will sparks fly for the couple at last?

5. Deja Vu

A ballerina in a black costume is poised to dance, while a man in grey looks on next to a another figure of a ballerina in white.
Deja Vu

We have talked about the Thai remake of this series before, and now we are going to visit the original show that inspired it all! 

Rising ballerina Xu Hai Lin rescues a rich businessman named Lu Xi Wei from a fire. As she was caring for him, the two of them fall in love, leading to Xi Wei asking for her hand in marriage after 5 years of dating. Hai Lin soon becomes a famous dancer, and she is also expecting their first child. However, the couple got into a tragic accident, killing Xi Wei and causing Hai Lin to miscarry. Distraught and devastated, she contemplates suicide but is offered a second chance by a mysterious stranger to reshape her destiny.

She accepts the deal so that Xi Wei will live, yet unbeknownst to her, their path to happiness is not as easy as it was before…

Cooking shows to get inspired by

We hear you – everyone’s been putting on their apron and playing chef in their quarantine kitchen! But if you’re the sort that prefers to watch videos instead of doing the deed, perhaps watching these cooking reality series will satisfy your inner cravings.

1. Homegrown Romance

Four middle-aged women wave excitedly from a vegetable garden.

This series will take you around Hong Kong as the hosts explore local ingredients and getting to know the culinary cultures of the country. Get ready to dive deep into Asian cuisine and discover new cooking styles and flavours along the way!

2. Good Cheap Eats

A colourful backdrop with a woman in blue, and a bespectacled man in black.
Good Cheap Eats

The title says it all – this series is a great primer for amateur cooks, or people who are looking to learn something new during the lockdown. Every episode focuses on a specific ingredient or technique, and you’ll be able to easily revisit the steps if you need a refresher.

Who knows, we could be seeing more Masterchefs in the making after the CMCO!

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