Here are our key takeaways from dimsum’s Thai Pop event

Were you one of the fans who gathered in Shah Alam over the weekend? We kicked off Thai Pop 2019 with a bang, and it’s our loudest (and biggest!) mark yet. Not only was it our 3rd anniversary – yes, we’ve been streaming and thriving since 2016 – it was a great way to end the year on a high note. 

The dimsum team worked tirelessly around the clock to make this event a success, and it absolutely paid off! We’re so pleased that everyone, including our special guests, were able to experience it all at the IDEAL Convention Centre.

Scroll through to see some of the weekend’s coolest moments, and relive Thai Pop all over again – until our next event!


It’s our party and we want everyone to eat, drink, and be merry! We had a popup event in the concourse area ranging from food, beverages and mementos to take home. There were also children’s activities to ensure that the kids don’t miss out on the fun!

Colourful standees of noodles and food in a brightly lit area.
Boat noodles! Definitely a very tasty (and appropriate) Thai snack to have that weekend.
Children and parents sitting around a table and working on activities.
Kids and parents trying their hand out at fun puzzles!
A child getting help at a booth getting a wax mold of his hand.
Make an impression, literally, by casting your hand in wax.
A man wearing a turquoise shirt arranging cups by a food stall.
It wouldn’t be a dimsum event without – you guessed it – real dimsum! And Thai iced tea, obviously.

Press Conference

Happy 3rd anniversary, dimsum! We kicked off the event in style, giving a warm welcome to our Thai artistes as well. The coolest part? When the group made their grand appearance – note the excitement in the audience!

Asian men and women excitedly wait by the side of the barricade.
Everyone was brimming with excitement while waiting for the stars to appear!
A man and woman in taupe and beige coloured clothing walk down a path surrounded by people.
Aaaand here they are! The crowd went wild (so did we)!
A huge crowd of people watching from several floors and seated for a press conference.
Press and audience gathered under one roof!
A group of men and women cheering as they cut a ribbon with confetti raining down.
Aaaaaand it’s launched! Thai Pop is moving forward!
A group of Asian men exchanging laughs as they held a ribbon with dimsum and Thai Pop branding.
Star Media Group CEO Andreas Vogiatzakis and our Thai guests share a light-hearted moment shortly after cutting the ribbon.


The moment everyone has been waiting for! Fans eagerly gather to watch the performances of their idols. Some even brought their own signs to cheer them on! The energy was through the roof, making it a weekend to remember for fans, and the stars themselves.

Thai artistes waving to fans from a dark stage.
It’s showtime! The artistes greet their fans to cheers and applause.
Asian fans cheering while taking photos.
Could you feel the energy through this picture? We most certainly felt it that day!
Four Thai artistes performing at Thai Pop 2019 against a colourful stage.
It was an energetic show, with fun choreography as they performed their popular hits.
An audience cheers enthusiastically as confetti rained down.
That’s a wrap!

And what a wrap it was! The dimsum team walked away with tired feet, but a satisfied and fuller heart. We are so pleased that Thai Pop was well-received and we look forward to more exciting moments in 2020!

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