Man of Vengeance is our new obsession – find out why

Fun and bubbly Thai dramas are great, but what about a revenge story mixed with bold style and drama? Man of Vengeance, or Hua Jai Sila is adapted from a 2017 series, and it’s one of dimsum’s latest Thai offerings this month.

Continue reading for our deep-dive into this exciting series!

What is it about

Tor grew up as the love child of a mistress and a prominent society man. When his mother passed away, his life suffers under his stepfamily. He finds a friend in Minta, his next-door neighbour.

Tor jumped into a river during an altercation to escape his tormentors and was presumed dead. Tor returns years later with a new identity – and with a burning urge to avenge his mother. He had to deny his connections to his old friend Minta to avoid revealing his plans.

Will Tor be able to fulfill his quest for vengeance, or will he find his own peace?  

Who is in it

Thanapob “Tor” Leeluttanakajorn from Man of Vengeance in a dark suit against a brick wall.

Thanapob “Tor” Leeluttanakajorn as Tor: Wearing many hats as an actor, singer and model, Tor proved that he is a man of many talents. He is known for his role in Hormones and was also part of the Thai boy group 9×9. Also get this: he’ll be performing in Malaysia as part of our Thai Pop showcase!

Nopjira “Fern” Lerkkajornnamkul as Minta: Before she got her big break in acting, Fern participated in various competitions and casting calls. Her efforts paid off and she debuted in Rak Fun Thalob in 2016, making it her first performance in a supporting role. Her performance as Minta in Hua Jai Sila is her most popular and well-received role to date.

Siraphan Wattanajinda as Mam: Siraphan is known for projects like Dear Dakanda, Secret Sunday and Where The Miracle Happens. And with her, the hustle is always ongoing – she was nominated 3 times for the Thailand National Film Association Awards for her hard work.

Siriam “Ann” Pakdeedumrongrit as Sitha: Ann is an industry veteran since 1989 and has graced many highly-rated dramas. She returned to acting in 2018 with Sanaeha Maya.

Man of Vengeance is out now on dimsum, so what are you waiting for? Start your free trial today to kickstart your experience, or sign up to enjoy an uninterrupted marathon!

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