March newbies: What’s fresh on dimsum entertainment now!

We say goodbye to February’s 29 days, and hello to our March newbies! dimsum entertainment has another batch of shows to add to your list – so if you’re running dry, worry not! 

1. Different Dreams 

An Asian man and woman dress in dark clothing point their guns towards the viewer.
Different Dreams 

Fellow history-lovers, we see you! Different Dreams is set in 1919 during the Japanese colonisation, where Korea is about to gain its own independence. Enter Kim Won Bong, leader of the Heroic Corps and Lee Young Jin, a South Korean woman raised by a Japanese man. The two of them hold different ideologies, but their paths will cross as they both move towards the same goal – a Korea that they can call their own.

2. Love Me Actually 

Five Korean men with exaggerated blushes are laughing happily.
Love Me Actually 

If you’re into reality TV and still having the feels from Singles Awareness Day, Love Me Actually might be just right for you! The series follows 5 single men who travel around Korea to find true love. So get ready to go places, meet new people, all while rooting for your favourites from the comfort of your sofa! 

3. The Crime 

A group of Asian men and women pose in street casual wear and police uniform.
The Crime 

This story is a gripping one that will have you on the edge of your seat. Captain Panu, son of Head of the Royal Thai Police is called to the scene of a gas truck accident. Just when the trail goes cold, a gangster masquerading as a police officer makes his next move, setting the next part of the story in motion… 

4. The Little Nyonya 

Two Asian men and women pose against a traditional patterned background. The women are dressed in traditional Nyonya wear.
The Little Nyonya 

If you enjoyed historical tales like The Last Madame, The Little Nyonya is another tale that’s worth checking out. Huang Juxiang led a tough life with her mother, who was a mistress. Juxiang grows up and marries a Japanese man but did not survive the war. Her legacy continues with her own daughter, Yueniang.

5. After The Stars

A montage of Asian men and women against a dark, geometric background.
After The Stars

The story follows Tian Ai, a struggling actress desperate to make it in the tough world of showbiz. She starts working as a manager at Guo Yu’s company. She befriends a colleague named Yi Ting, but things get complicated when both girls start to fall for Guo Yu…

6. Deja Vu

A brightly lit background of a man tenderly caressing a woman by her cheek.
Deja Vu

True to its name, Deja Vu is a remake of a Taiwanese drama that aired in 2013. Jane and Wyn are two lovers that’ll face multiple challenges through time. Shortly after Wyn proposes to Jane, he dies in a tragic accident. Jane meets a water nymph who grants her the wish to change history, with the exchange of her giving up something that she loves. By doing so, she saves Wyn’s life but chooses to stay away from him to give him a better future. However, despite her efforts to try and forget him, fate has a way of bringing them back together.

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