Messy love triangles that you’ll want to root for

It’s love, actually! Everyone enjoys a complex love story, and in this post we are totally here to deliver on that. 

We look at 3 popular Asian dramas that focus on love, and how it shapes the protagonists.

1. Love At First Sight

From friends to lovers, this is a slow-burn story about two friends who made a promise to continue their education abroad together. One of them was unable to make it, and they slowly grew apart from each other.

4 Years later, they meet again and they try to rekindle their friendship… or is there something more beyond this platonic relationship?

2. Love Under The Moon

Asian woman and man against blue sky, with city skyline.
Love Under The Moon

The time period is the 90s – university student Xiang Yuan receives financial aid from the wealthy Ye family to complete her studies. Smart and determined, our main girl excels in school and was almost financially independent when she finally joins the workforce. 

Things with the Yes get complicated when she falls for the eldest son, Qian Ze, but unbeknownst to her, his brother Ye Yun has feelings for her too. Time will tell how these relationships pan out, so buckle up for this emotional ride!

3. Mr. Fighting

A group of four Asian adults standing on the balcony, overlooking the city.
Mr. Fighting

We’ve talked about food and school-to-work life, now we’re rounding it off with a story about showbiz. Actor Hao Ze Yu got his big break 10 years ago, but now he’s all but faded into obscurity. 

A shot of an Asian male looking broodingly into the light.
Mr. Fighting

As fate would have it, he meets a group of unlikely individuals who agreed to help him get his groove back. It’s a relatable story about friendship, love, and finding happiness in the most unexpected of places. 

Did you enjoy our picks for complicated romance dramas? If we missed out on your favourites, we are all ears! To watch the following dramas and much, visit dimsum to kickstart your free trial today.

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