Here are the most-watched Chinese dramas on dimsum

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Chinese dramas on dimsum

We previously shared our top Thai dramas on dimsum, and today we’re dropping a list of Chinese series that most of you have binged this year! Some of them might ring a bell – read through to know what the people are enjoying in 2019.

1. Princess Silver

We had nothing but high praises for this drama series, and it’s clear that you guys love it as much as we do! 

This female-led tale follows the adventures of Rong Le, a princess with no memory of her past. She is forced to marry a Northern Prince named Wu You, but plans fall apart and she eventually decides to open a teahouse. Watch to find out what Rong Le unearths from her past, and how she chooses to shape her own destiny.

2. Zhao Yao

If you’re an avid Chinese drama watcher, you’ll never get tired of Wuxia stories. Zhao Yao is an action-packed story with gravity-defying stunts and vibrant costumes of course! 

After losing her life in an ambush, Zhao Yao suspects that her closest confidant, Li Chen might be to blame. Her sister possesses a disciple in the hopes of getting close to him for revenge…

3. The Destiny Of White Snake

The legend of the White Snake gets a fresh remake this year with this new series. White Snake takes place in Hangzhou, where the titular character Bai Yao Yao falls in love with a mortal man, Xu Yuan. 

The couple will endure multiple hardships, both magical and normal as they try to overcome all odds. It’s a love story as old as time, so if Wuxia romances are your cup of tea, you’ll definitely enjoy this retelling!

4. Goodbye, My Princess

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re all about the romances here! Goodbye, My Princess is another series that has enthralled us this year.

The princess of Western Liang and the prince of Zhongyuan are brought together by a marriage of alliance and convenience. The pair initially did not take to each other; the prince has his favourite concubine, and the princess feels alone in a foreign land. As they find themselves caught in a political power struggle, they’ve no choice but to help each other out.

5. Ashes Of Love

Moving on to more celestial-themed stories, Ashes of Love has a Rapunzel-inspired feel to the story. Hidden away by her mother who died giving birth to her, Jin Mi, the descendant of a flower goddess lived imprisoned in Shui Jing for 10000 years. 

4000 years later the son of the Heavenly Emperor, Xu Feng mistakenly discovers Shui Jing and encounters Jin Mi. As he slowly falls for her, the secret of her existence is thrown into jeopardy…

6. Legend Of Yun Xi

If you’ve always enjoyed a show with a strong female lead – say no more! The Legend of Yun Xi tells the story of Yun Xi, a talented physician who marries into the royal family.

Yun Xi loves her husband, Long Feiye deeply, but realises that she is caught in a fierce power struggle. Of course, our heroine doesn’t give in that easily and survives by her wit, courage and above all, her kindness.

7. Our Glamorous Time

Former soldier Li Zhi Cheng returns home after service to manage his family’s ailing business. Things weren’t looking good; his elder brother had passed away, leaving behind a gaping hole in management. 

Desperate for a solution, he meets and employs Lin Qian, a fresh graduate to help him reboot the family business. Slowly but surely, their partnership takes the company to the next level, and in the process, their relationship began to blossom!

8. Flipped

We continue the modern-day streak with another work-based series, but with a magical twist! 

Qi Xun’s family runs a large company, with him as CEO. Everyone in the family has magical abilities – Qi Xun has the ability to teleport, while his sister Qi Tian often gets visions of the future. One day, as Qi Tian gets a premonition that her brother will fall in love with a painter, Qi Xun teleports himself in front of an artist. 

Will Qi Tian’s vision of her brother become a reality?

9. Legend Of The Phoenix

We love us some dynasty romance, because the drama is always dialed up to a hundred!

Legend of The Phoenix is set in the fictional Eastern Liang dynasty, following a circus performer Ning Zhi who later enters the palace as a servant girl. She’s deeply in love with a strategist named Wei Guang, but as most palace romances, everything comes at a price.

10. Sweet Dreams

We round up our list with the aptly titled Sweet Dreams – because who doesn’t want to end the year on a sweet, sweet note? 

This drama stars silver screen darling Dilraba Dilmurat as Ling Ling Qi, a timid girl with low self-esteem. Her anxiety severely impacts her life and job, stopping her from approaching her crush, Bo Hai at work. Things get interesting when they both joined an experimental program to improve sleeping patterns. The experiment is simple: put on a bracelet, and go to sleep.

However, Ling Ling’s bracelet malfunctions, causing her dreams and Bo Hai’s to combine, taking them on fantastical adventures as they sleep. How will they address this in real life?

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