New in April: 5 new shows to binge right now at home!

We know everyone’s feeling a bit bummed with the extension of the movement control order – us included! As an attempt to keep us all from surrendering to cabin fever, why not check out what’s new this month on dimsum entertainment? From romances, friendships and epic culinary adventures, there’s something for everyone here!

1. Love of Thousand Years

A watercolour inspired background with calm waters and light pink cherry blossoms. An Asian man in sage and a woman in white are facing each other.
Love of Thousand Years

If you’re in the mood for an epic romantic tale, buckle up! Love of Thousand Years tells the tragic story of Jiu Yun and Qin Chuan, and how their fate would forever be intertwined. 

When the Li kingdom fell, Fu Jiu Yun rescued Princess Li from a fate of slavery. Determined to save her people, Princess Li renounced her title and became Qin Chuan. As she searches for a mythical lamp that could possibly be the key, she meets and falls in love with Jiu Yun. However, they would come to discover that behind every big solution, lies an enormous sacrifice…

2. Shadow of Love

A couple dressed in grey neutrals embrace each other as a girl dressed in dark clothing looks on.

In The Shadow of Love, we learn just how far a mother’s love would go for her children. Nalin, a mother of two fraternal twins gave her children feminine names to protect them from the past. She named her son Kwan oei and her daughter, Kwan ma, imploring Kwan oei to keep his identity a secret. As both children grew up, they start to question their mother’s reasons as they start getting caught up in the web of secrets she worked so hard to conceal. 

3. Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma the Fifth Plate

This show is highly relatable, especially when we are all still staying home and cooking up a storm! 

Food Wars! returns for a fifth season on dimsum entertainment with a brand new cooking competition. Our lead character Soma, has finally gotten a seat at the Totsuki Ten Masters Council after a lot of hard work. Meanwhile, “BLUE”, a gastronomic tournament for young chefs arrive at the school – will he and his friends make it through the gruelling process?

4. Extra-ordinary You

Anyone who follows the webtoon Coming July Found By Chance would be familiar with this quirky romantic comedy. 

Eun Dan-O lives an ordinary high school life in a prestigious academy when she found out one day that her entire life and destiny was determined by someone else. She (and everyone else around her) was living in a fictional world as part of a comic book called Secret. To make matters worse, she finds out that she will soon die from an illness. Will Dan-O be able to challenge the mysterious ‘Writer’ and change her fate? Or will there be consequences to her actions as a fictional character? 

5. In Time With You 

An Asian man is posing with an Asian woman against a pastel purple background.
In Time With You 

Friendship, or love? Good friends Pimchanok and Thanapan made a bet to see who will marry first before they turn 35. Despite their purely platonic relationship, Thanapan realises that he isn’t feeling the spark with the girls he has been seeing. Meanwhile, Pim struggles to find Mr Right, from problematic men to men who were nice, but just wasn’t interested! While it seems that the best thing for them was each other, Pim and Thanapan still clung on to the promise that they must never fall in love with each other. Will they eventually break this vow? 

6. Bungo and Alchemist – Gears of Judgement

This anime gets its origins from a browser/mobile game. Get acquainted with renowned Japanese writers, all who are reimagined as dashing young men. Chick lit just got a lot more interesting, don’t you think?

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