On the Friend List: 4 Shows To Bookmark This Month

After months of #stayhome, and with us finally reuniting with our pals and friend circles, we bet everyone miss a good ol’ celebration of sorts! The Friendship Day is coming (official date is on 30th July), so we’re thinking to start the #friendniversary earlier highlighting some of our favourite shows with great friendship themes for the entire month. 

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1. Prophecy of Love

A smiling girl in a blue top stands next to a man dressed in black.  The background is a muted red, with illustrated roses.
Prophecy of Love

Rosita narrowly survives a car accident and becomes gifted with the power of clairvoyance. With her abilities to see into the future whenever she touches a rose, she begins to use her powers for good, becoming a local celebrity for the accuracy of her visions. One day, she makes a prediction that Theeruth, a popular actor will have an illegitimate child. This complicates their relationship, which spells trouble down the road for our fortune teller…

James Jirayu and Ice Preechaya in Prophecy of Love

Rosita and Theeruth’s friendship takes on a very ‘from enemies to lovers’ trope in the series. It’s a common dynamic for chick-flick stories, but we daresay that Rosita’s story has a huge ‘whodunit’ twist as the story develops. Definitely not your average rom-com, and we highly recommend you give this a shot!

2. Heroic Journey of Ne Zha

Heroic Journey of Ne Zha
Heroic Journey of Ne Zha

If you’re not familiar with who Ne Zha is, it’s a good opportunity to get acquainted with this brand new series! Ne Zha is from a Chinese folk legend and he has the title of the “Third Lotus Prince”, and is often depicted in popular culture as a mischievous, cheerful kid. This 2020 series will cover his adventures along with Xiao Long Nu, the Princess of the Eastern Seas as they journey across the land to defeat demons and fight for good.

Jiang Yi Yi replays the legendary Ne Zha

Aside from the heavy mythological themes, Ne Zha emphasises strongly on friendship. It’s no easy feat when it comes to battling demons alongside a partner, so a deep understanding of each other’s personality and strengths are crucial to making this dynamic work. Heroic Journey of Ne Zha is currently ongoing on dimsum and is set to be around 50 episodes in length, so buckle up and get your snacks ready for it!

3. Bromance

Three men and a tomboyish woman all dressed in white are posing against a grey background.

Pi Ya Nuo grew up as a boy after a fortune teller proclaimed that she would not survive childhood as a girl unless she lived her first 25 years as a boy. To hide her true identity, she keeps her distance with people until one day when she helps out Du Zi Feng, a triad leader and his sister Du Zi Han. While Zi Han immediately falls for Ya Nuo, Zi Feng becomes her “sworn brother” and best friend.

Classic Taiwanese idol series Bromance

As the title suggests, this drama is all about keeping it real with your fellow peeps through thick and thin! We don’t always get to see platonic relationships between male and female characters, so it’s refreshing to see Zi Feng view Ya Nuo as his equal. Bonus point: we love to see a woman take charge!

4. Heaven? My Restaurant, My Life

A smiling woman dressed in red holds up a wine glass, with five men in it. The background is striped, with white, blue and red.
Heaven? My Restaurant, My Life

This restaurant story takes you behind the scenes of a small and eccentric establishment. We meet the place’s quirky owner, who isn’t bothered by the location of her business (in a cemetery!) and her staff who don’t really have experience in the industry. Yet, this ragtag bunch perseveres through and successfully elevates the name and reputation of the restaurant!

Satomi Ishihara in Heaven?~My Restaurant My Life

The theme of friendship really shines through in this series. We all get by with a little help from our friends, and if you’re lucky, we get some of them at workplace. A BFF at work helps to navigate day-to-day ups and downs when you get to do what you’re best at along someone you spend most of your waking hours with.

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