Popular 2018 Japanese dramas you need to rewatch

If you’re a huge TV junkie on all things Japan, these popular titles must’ve surely rung a bell. These 5 drama series (and more) are all available online on Dimsum right now, so add them to your list and start streaming today.

1.       Doctor X (Part 5)

Blue and yellow image with a female doctor posing on the letter X.

After a messy run with office politics and corruption, Teito Medical Hospital enters a new era with its first female director. She has big plans for the hospital reform, but there are still board members who plan to regain control of the system. Just as everyone is at a loss, a new player enters the picture – a freelance surgeon, Daimon Michiko.

2.       The full-time wife escapist

A collage of pink, blue and green images with a bride as the main focus.

This rom-com series focuses on struggling fresh grad Moriyama Mikuri, who was recently laid off from a temporary job, rendering her lost and dejected. She accepted a housekeeping job for bachelor Tsuzaki Hiramasa, and slowly, her hard working ethics won him over. He offers her a contract marriage agreement, so that she can continue working for him. Will they ever confess their feelings for each other?

3.       Sleepeeer Hit!

A bold poster with red text and a cheerful group of people.

Kokoro Kurosawa leaves her Olympic dreams behind and starts working at a weekly manga magazine. Gripped by a tough period as ebooks are dominating the market, Kokoro learns what it takes to make a successful manga, and she and her team work against the odds to publish the next sleeper hit.

4.       Unnatural

A group of people seated at a messy table with a yellow curtain.

The Unnatural Death Investigation Laboratory (UDI) investigate mysterious deaths around Japan. Enter forensic pathologist, Mikoto Misumi, and her team as they tackle a myriad of puzzling cases every episode.

5.       Quartet

A dreamy white and blue picture of four young adults.

As the title suggests, 4 strangers found a certain kinship in each other and decided to uproot together to Karuizawa, a small town. They formed a musical quartet to get by, but they all have personal secrets that will eventually test their friendship as a group.

5 different shows – for 5 incredibly different and exciting experiences! Which of these Japanese drama series will you be watching first? Share your favourites with us in the comments below.

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