You Don’t Need To Be In Love To Enjoy These TV series!

Calling all lovebirds – we are moving immediately from angpaos and oranges, to love letters and roses this week! Us at dimsum entertainment are excited for Valentine’s Day, and we are doing what we do best with a must-watch list of romcoms to binge-worthy stories.

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1. My Love From Another Star

A smiling Asian girl and an Asian man making contact through each other's fingers.
My Love From Another Star

If the idea of an extraterrestrial romance sounds magical to you, My Love From Another Star will be your newest obsession this month. 

Achira is a humanoid alien who meets Bua when exploring planet Earth. One day, he saves her from falling to her death, leaving him stranded as his spaceship departs. 300 years later, he bumps into a woman who looked incredibly familiar, just like Bua. 

Will Achira do it all again for love? Will their relationship work out in spite of them being worlds apart?

2. Angel Beside Me

An Asian girl dressed in black is reaching out towards an Asian man dressed in white. The background is split into light purple and white.
Angel Beside Me

Lin was in a rough place and attempts to commit suicide. She was interrupted by a loud crash – a man crashes through her ceiling. He introduces himself as Michael, an angel sent from heaven to help her. 

Sceptical of his origins, she welcomes him into her world and slowly watches as he improves her life for the better. Maybe being touched by an angel isn’t so bad after all!

3. Brother Of The Year

A tri-coloured poster of yellow, red and blue of an Asian woman and two Asian men, making silly faces.
Brother Of The Year

We talked about this series before, and its quirky comedic moments made it a must-watch especially around this time of the year. Chut has always wanted a baby brother but ended up with Jane instead. He has always been envious of his sister’s success, leading them to always argue over trivial matters.

One day, Chut finds out that Jane is in a relationship and eventually moves out of their house. How will he cope with this sudden shake-up in his life? Will he eventually learn to be independent on his own?

4. Sky Castle

A group of 5 Asian women dressed in black sits across from 4 Asian men in three piece suits. The background is a warm grey.
Sky Castle

If you remember the 2004 classic series Desperate Housewives, you’ll love this modern (and more glamorous) take on the subject of women living in a suburban neighbourhood. 

Sky Castle is a prestigious hub where affluent families reside. The series follows 4 women and their separate struggles in getting their kids into prestigious universities. That being said as with Desperate Housewives, every household harbours a dark secret… 

Good to know: The letters SKY represent three of Korea’s top universities: Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University.

5. Welcome 2 Life

An Asian man and Asian woman pictured with their alternate personalities. The background is split into blue and grey.
Welcome 2 Life

This show adds a bit of spice to your typical Valentine’s Day weekend! Viewers who prefer something with a hint of fiction will love Welcome 2 Life. Lee Jae-Sang is a great but shady lawyer that would do anything to accomplish his goals. His relationship fell apart, resulting in his girlfriend breaking up with him and moving away to become a detective. 

One day, Jae-Sang gets into an accident and finds himself transported into a parallel universe, where he lives the same life but in a completely different story. Here, he works as a prosecutor and abides by the law. He is also happily married to his girlfriend, making it a complete 360-twist from his other life. Realising that this could be a second chance, Jae-Sang uses the opportunity to change his ways and start anew… will he succeed?

6. At Eighteen

An Asian girl in lilac is pictured between two Asian boys in white. The background is in a light, dusty blue.
At Eighteen

We are rounding off our list with a high school drama! Joon-woo is the newest student on the block, and he’s completely uninterested in schoolwork. Class president Hui Yeong welcomes him warmly, but Joon-woo’s shyness leads him to rebuff his advances.

Meanwhile, Soo Bin, Hui Yeong’s crush, has been watching Joon-woo with interest. How will their relationships work out? Will Joon-woo come out of his shell?

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