Watch Next: 5 Thai remakes of popular Korean and Taiwan Dramas

Everyone loves a good remake – sometimes they add a special twist to a well-loved story, or give an iconic tale a much-needed refresh.

From budding royal romances to a chance encounter on a ship, these Asian dramas have been remade into Thai dramas for another exciting round of binge-watching. Read on for our picks below and start streaming online on Dimsum today!

1. Princess Hours

Two Asian men dressed in red royal regalia, standing around a girl in white and a girl with long dark hair.

What is it about:

In the fictional kingdom of Bhutin, the Crown Prince Indra and commoner Kaning tie the knot as part of an arrangement between both their families. Unbeknownst to her, Indra had previously proposed to his girlfriend Minnie, who turned him down. Having to adjust to living as a royal, Kaning finds herself falling for her new husband.

A girl in a white dress and a girl in pink, next to two men in dark royal regalia.
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The original series:

Princess Hours is a remake of the Kdrama Goong (2006) and remains mostly faithful to the series. The prince in the original story is a classmate of the female lead from school, which further complicates their relationship from the start.

2. Full House

A guy in a light blue shirt and a long-haired girl in white.

What is it about:

Aom, a young writer goes on vacation to Korea, only to return to find out that her house has been sold to a man named Mike. Determined to get her possessions back, she entered into a contracted marriage with Mike. Will they be able to keep things professional, or will sparks fly between them?

A girl in white leaning on the shoulder of a guy in white, sitting on a bench.
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The original series:

Full House is adapted from the popular Korean series Full House (2004). The female lead, Han Ji Eun was instead tricked by friends to go on a holiday, while they sold off her home. She encounters a famous actor on the plane, who ends up being the new owner of her property.

3. You Are My Destiny

A man and woman in black, facing the front against a backdrop of a city and a cruise ship.

What is it about:

The story begins on a cruise out at sea – Pawut is a successful businessman and Wanida is a secretary at a law firm. Pawut plans to propose to his girlfriend, while Wanida hopes on taking her relationship with her boyfriend to the next level. One thing led to another, and Pawut and Wanida ended up spending a night together. Later on, she finds out that she is pregnant with his child.

A group of four Korean people, two guys and two girls in grey and colourful outfits.
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The original series:

Also titled You’re My Destiny, the Taiwanese show that started it all in 2008 has a few differences. The male lead is the heir to his family business, and the female protagonist was persuaded by her boyfriend to go on holiday – which happened to be a love cruise instead of an ordinary ship.

4. MIA 2018

A bespectacled man holding a woman in his arms while also holding another woman in his other hand.

What is it about:

Aruna and Thada have a beautiful family, and their lives are often envied by others. One day, Aruna’s cousin Kanya, returns from abroad and moves in with them. The couple’s life is thrown into jeopardy when Thada begins an affair with Kanya. Will their relationship survive the scandal?

An Asian man accepting food from a woman while another girl on the side looks on.
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The original series:

The Fierce Wife (2010) was the series that inspired this new Thai remake. Aside from the name and the location of the show, the main plot remained unchanged as is.

5. Kiss Me

A group of Asian students in school uniform, looking over a table of drinks and food.

What is it about:

High school student Taliw has a crush on the smart new student, Tenten. She’s determined to pursue him, but he keeps giving her mixed signals by being kind and caring, to teasing and embarrassing her in front of her other classmates.

Two Asian guys in school uniform, along with a girl with long hair.
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The original series:

This story is hugely popular and has spawned several remakes, with the original being Itazura na Kiss (1996) from Japan. Kotoko, the female protagonist bumps into Naoki and was since enamoured with him. He, on the other hand, was cold and distant towards her. Their lives were brought closer together when Kotoko has to move in with a family friend, only to realise that Naoki is part of her new ‘foster family’.

From princesses to high school shenanigans, these shows are an easy entryway into Asian dramas. So go ahead, pick your favourite and start streaming online on dimsum today – we’ll be here waiting to hear all about it!

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