We Got The Good Tea On Bad Genius

With Bong Jun Ho’s Parasite and Snowpiecer gaining attention this year, we figured that it is a perfect opportunity to showcase another popular Asian title – Bad Genius! 

Five Thai students sit facing a disembodied person, who is playing an electronic keyboard. The room is warmly lit.
Bad Genius | The series

The hugely popular 2017 Thai ‘heist’ movie has inspired a series, and even a Hollywood remake (more info below!). The movie’s premise of students devising ingenious cheats to ace their exams has resonated with viewers. That aside, it also gives audiences an odd satisfaction on how the poorer, smarter kids one-up their richer counterparts by gaming the system.

The series debuted in August 2020 and ends in September – this week! To celebrate its success, we look back at some of the more interesting facts behind this popular tale.

International and local acclaim

Five Thai young adults are shown in various standing and seated positions.
Bad Genius | The Movie

Bad Genius is the first ASEAN film to open the New York Asian Film Festival in 2017. The film adaptation also scooped Bt100million at the Thai box office, making it the first movie to claim that honour that year. 

Real-life events inspired this story

A woman is seated behind a wall of black and white portraits. She is facing two students in uniform.
Bad Genius | The series

In Thailand, cases of exam fraud are common and often make the local headlines. The movie definitely stirred up some controversy, but the director views it as a warning on the consequences of breaking the law. 

Life imitates art

Students are seated in a brightly lit hall while taking an exam.
Bad Genius | The series

Back in 2018, several students were found guilty of cheating their way through a university admission test in Singapore, Bad Genius-style. The scandal also implicates the tutor and the private tuition centre that she worked at. 

A Hollywood remake is in the works

Four young adults are seen dressed in mustard coloured overalls while standing in a room of packed shredded paper.
Bad Genius | The Movie

Bad Genius is headed to Tinseltown! Picture Perfect Entertainment has picked up the rights to the Thai movie and will be developing an English remake. Coincidentally, they secured the deal just before the infamous college admission scandals broke in America

The cast has great chemistry

A girl is speaking to two of her friends, who are seated. The room is dimly lit and their profiles are not fully illuminated.
Bad Genius | The Movie

Before joining Bad Genius: the series, Jaonaay had no acting experience. With the support of the director and the cast, he made the role of Bank his own. 

Ice got slapped, hard

Two boys and two girls are seem posing together for a group photo.
Bad Genius | The Movie

For the sake of showbiz (and realism!), Ice went the extra mile for a scene and decided that the camera angles weren’t realistic enough. So he decided to take the plunge and requested that his costar slap him as hard as possible!

If you’re curious on which scene we’re talking about, you’ve to watch the series to find out!

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