We got your watchlist sorted all through the movement control order!

Okay, who’s feeling deflated when the stay-at-home order was extended? We definitely feel it, and to make up for not being able to leave the house, we put together a playlist of sorts to help you get through the next two weeks.

1. Nakee

A group of Thai characters, two bespectacled men in white and three women dressed in traditional red wear.

Episodes: 11

When they say love transcends all, they really mean it! Nakee gets its inspiration from East Asian folklore, where serpent-like creatures called Naga are said to live in Laos and Thailand.

In ancient times, a naga named Nakee falls in love with a mortal man and they have a daughter together. Fast forward to 100 years later, village girl Kumkaew is disturbed by nightmares of her village getting destroyed. She encounters Tossapol, an archaeologist obsessed with Nakee, the serpent queen. Unbeknownst to both of them, Kumkaew has a lot more in common with Nakee, and she might be the connection between the present day, and the past.

2. Tiger Cubs I and II

A group of Asian police officers dressed in dark tactical gear, guns drawn.
Tiger Cubs Season 1 and Season 2

Episodes: 23 in total

This series spans two seasons, with the first introducing us to Hong Kong’s Special Duties Unit (SDU) instructor Jin Hon Tou and his loyal team. Their skills and teamwork will be tested multiple times throughout the story, especially when a major robbery plot surfaces. 

In the second season, Hon Tou and his team continue to serve their city. Hon Tou saves Chung Wai Yan, an undercover agent from a sticky situation. She proceeds to track down the whistleblower who leaked her identity, just as an SDU mission goes terribly wrong. Will the SDU team bounce back? Start watching to find out!

3. After The Stars

A glittery, geometric poster design with multiple Asian characters.
After The Stars

Episodes: 22

For those who love a drama set in the world of showbiz, check out After The Stars! Not directly related to “Rewrite The Stars” (it’s still a bop, however!) 

Tian Ai is an actress who has been a bit down on her luck. When her hard work pays off and she wins an award, misfortune plagued her again with a terrible accident. She decides to start anew working for a media management company and befriends a girl named Yi Ting. Just as the girls started to get along, they began to fall for the same man. Would Tian Ai ever get the happy life she deserves?

4. Sky Castle

A group of Korean women dressed in black are seated next to a group of men in suits.
Sky Castle

Episodes: 20

Sky Castle is a luxurious residential neighbourhood, where the wealthy live together. Four women are determined to get their children into prestigious universities – a known struggle for every mother. But of course, every family has their secrets, perfect for a deep binge from your couch!

5. Signal (Japanese Version)

A group of characters with varying expressions of concern and worry. The middle male character is holding a walkie talkie, similar to the character on the far right.
Signal (Japanese Version)

Episodes: 10

If you’ve been an avid Asian drama follower, you would know that Signal is adapted from a Korean series of the same name. 

Kento witnessed a murder at a young age and was never able to forget what he saw that day. 15 years later, he is working as a police officer to stand up for those who can’t defend themselves. The thought of that murder still haunts him, and he fears that this cold case will never be solved. One day, he hears a disembodied voice coming from an old radio who claims to be investigating the same case. Is Kento imagining things, or could this finally break the case wide open? 

6. Love Song Love Series

A brunette female character dressed in bright colours is pictured with two men, one in dark colours and the other in light neutrals.
Love Song Love Series

Episodes: 8 (Leaving dimsum entertainment soon on 6th of April)

Love a little lighthearted romance? Then you will love this recommendation! Love Song Love Series is an anthology series where each episode title is inspired by a love song, with a different storyline and characters. It’s easy to follow, and doesn’t require you to follow things too intensely! 

Fans of Pearwah would know that the actress, who stars in one of the chapters (“Things”) is currently recovering from COVID-19. Go watch this series or even My Ambulance now to show her some support!

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