Here’s why you should be watching the Longest Day In Chang’an

An assembly of Chinese characters from ancient China
The Longest Day In Chang’an

If you’re looking to start bingeing a new Chinese drama series this month, we have just the right recommendation that’ll turn up the ante.

The Longest Day In Chang’an was previously put on hold by the Chinese government, with the ban lifting in June 2019. Since its debut, it has emerged as an action-packed Chinese blockbuster that gripped viewers every week.

So what’s the scoop on this Chinese historical drama series? Before you start watching it on dimsum (yes, it’s available for you to stream today!), we break down the plot and interesting highlights below.

What it’s about

TLDIC takes place during the era of the Tang Dynasty, a golden age and prosperous point in Chinese civilisation.

As Chang’an prepares to celebrate the annual Lantern Festival, rebels plan to infiltrate and control the city. Li Bi, head of the anti-terror department, joins forces with detective-turned-prisoner Zhang Xiaojing to take down the culprits. Together, they have only 24 hours to stay ahead of the game – and save their city from destruction. 

Why you should watch it

The clock’s always ticking

A man looking at a scaled down model of a city.
The Longest Day In Chang’an

TLDIC takes viewers along for the ride, resulting in tense cliffhangers at the end of every episode. It shares similarities to the American drama series 24, where Kiefer Sutherland’s character rushes against the clock to stop an assassination plot on a presidential candidate.

It’s full of stunning costumes and architecture

A woman in colourful traditional Chinese costume.
The Longest Day In Chang’an

Period dramas often call for breathtaking costumes and details, and TLDIC has spared no expense in bringing Chang’an to life. Every frame is a visual feast, from ornate costumes, environments, and traditional architecture that are painstakingly recreated from historical archives.

Every episode has amazing cinematography

A Chinese woman in a traditional coral-coloured gown.
The Longest Day In Chang’an

Movie buffs will definitely agree – cinematography can absolutely make or break a show. Just watch the trailer, or the first episode and it’s clear to see that TLDIC has pulled out all the stops in ensuring that this drama is enriched with stunning camerawork and contrasting colours.

Two men fighting in the rain.
The Longest Day In Chang’an

Whether it’s a sombre rain scene, or a one-on-one confrontation between characters, the ambience is conveyed flawlessly through masterful angles and lighting.

The Longest Day In Chang’an has been greenlighted for 3 seasons, so buckle up for an adrenaline-packed adventure that covers friendship, loyalty, and betrayal. Eager to start watching it right away? Start your free trial on dimsum for instant access to this epic series and more!

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